Clever Calligrams

Delightful Dances

Reiki Master Ed Madden crafts a concept so deep in thought. In these books, he authors immense spiritual and romantic depth that would serve as instrumental companions for any transformative journey.

About the Author

Edward H. Madden

I am a University of Oklahoma alumni with a communications degree. Having retired from a career in the Department of Justice, Bureau of prisons. I now enjoy doing Yoga and Barre almost everyday. I am nearly complete building an authentic Chestnut log house, which was salvaged from Maryland.

Readers' Reaction

What a way to weave individual poems to tell a larger story! I enjoyed exploring Light Dancing, a book I consider like a treasure map for its captivating concept that holds immense depth—romantic or even spiritual. If you’re in for a transformative journey, I highly recommend you invest… Read more
I’m a big fan of calligrams—especially the odd and quirky ones! So just imagine how much I loved digging up the details of Light Dancing. This book by Ed Madden holds so much power, insight, and passion. 10/10 would recommend it! . Read more
With raw honesty, Light Dancers intertwines adventure, self-discovery, and the importance of being true to oneself. This is a truly enlightening read for me that everyone should be privileged to read too. Read more


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