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Light Dancing

These books are my creation. The books are simple, yet the concepts are large.  They are a series Of poems which each tell a story, when taken together they tell a  much larger Story. These books may be read romantically or spiritually, if you  invest yourself into them, you will be rewarded. Truly a treasure map, which is  not alchemy, you will not change lead into gold. Yet you may exchange fear for  love, These concepts were instrumental in my successful journey. I offer them toyou, so that you may seek, so that you may find. PEACE & LOVE, NAMASTE!

About the Book

Light Dancers

Corrections is a demanding field, dealing with individuals who are attempting to stay relevant in a world that no longer trusts them to play within the rules. One of my duties was to listen to radio traffic particularly for calls for help or Officer needs assistance! I then directed that traffic, we routinely ran to help!  Upon retirement that intensity remained. I continually listen, which is a definition of meditation. Yoga is an exercise in learning and displaying one’s true self. Being true to that self is complicated, and presenting it to the world is frightening! While having the worst day of my career, I asked for help. Within a few weeks it came upon me suddenly, and over the next ten years became exceptionally clear. Love yourself and share! This is a love story with many many adventures and always the truth!

About the Book

Cinderella's Pi: Auspicious Loving Equations

Synopsis: It is a collection of individual pieces of art strung together to form an illustrated narrative of Divine concepts! Autobiography: I am on a spiritual journey gathering and collecting light as I journey through lights’ spectrum!

About the Book

Finest Raw Essence

Synopsis: A book about the finest raw essence, being refined into the best possible self, continually telling the truth and seeking the truth allows oneself to grow into one’s full potential, is being your very best self, truthfully.

Autobiography: I, the last of 15 siblings, as a continual student, a retired corrections official, always seeking equality, while remaining truthfully honest, preach potential.

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